Volunteer Spotlight

Jim Ryan has been a dedicated volunteer with Schenectady Habitat for more than 3 years and has been involved with many aspects of our construction projects.  He has worked on multiple builds, both new and rehabs, and has become a vital part of our organization.  Recently, he has served as Co-Leader on the rehab home on Robinson Street that will be completed this May.  His expertise includes, among other things, installing kitchen cabinets and drawing architectural plans for our builds.

Jim also serves as part of the Building Committee, providing insight and expertise as plans for the builds get underway.  He can usually be found working on one house or another most days of the week, ensuring that work is done appropriately and on time.  Due to his wife’s fabulous baking skills, Jim is always a favorite on the work site!

Jim has worked on many of our homes and we’re sure his work has provided many happy memories for our partner families.  We look forward to many more years with Jim as we strive to provide more homes for deserving families here in Schenectady.

Our Past Volunteer Spotlights

Frank Reinach has volunteered at the ReStore since its’ opening in 2007 and has faithfully served nearly every week since. Frank can always be counted on to lend a hand wherever it’s needed…cleaning and prepping items for sale, preparing the store for customers, and assisting with some administrative tasks.  Frank has become a vital fixture at the ReStore and often comes in to help with special projects when needed.  Since 2007, he has put in more than 2,000 volunteer hours!

Frank has a true adventurer’s heart and enjoys taking bus or train excursions to NYC or Boston to sightsee. He also enjoys flying to Brazil to visit relatives.  Frank has been a Stockade resident for many years, and as an avid cyclist, can be seen riding around the area during the summer. He is an avid history buff, loves the History Channel, and finds great pleasure cooking his favorite dishes. 

We are so grateful to Frank for making us his Habitat family of friends.

Karl Mauer first started volunteering with Schenectady Habitat during the ReStore’s move from Foster Avenue to Broadway.  After helping get things set up, he then requested to learn more about house-building.  Karl then started working closely with Bruce Pomeroy, one of our house leaders, to learn the process of building a Habitat home.  He is now Bruce’s right-hand man. Karl is quite skilled at most phases of construction and has proven himself an invaluable asset at the recently completed new build home on Marriott Avenue as well as on the Robinson Street rehab home that will be completed this spring.  Karl is such an asset to the volunteer construction team, working thru injuries, and taking on added responsibilities in order to see the mission accomplished  We are so grateful to have him on our team!
In addition to his construction skills, he also has an artistic side.  He is an accomplished drummer and plays in a band called Goin’ Back, which recently performed the New Year’s eve gig at Pinhead Susan’s. They do classic rock and country blues.

Don Conners is skilled in many areas and has become a right hand man to many of our house leaders with his knowledge and leadership talents.  Always welcoming and ready with a lesson-filled story for our volunteers, he is a joy to work with and we always look forward to having him onsite. You’ll also see Don lending a hand on other projects, in addition to the build sites, as he likes to keep busy and make a difference. His dedication has helped Schenectady Habitat accomplish many goals throughout the years and we look forward to many more completed homes and good memories coming from our partnership.

Meet Carol Troost, one of our fantastic ReStore volunteers.  Carol has been volunteering here for more than 5 years and is our “go to” person…as it’s been said, “When the going gets tough, call Carol!"  Relied on for excellent customer service, knowledge of the inventory, as well as knowing some of the best kept secrets of our fair city, Carol pitches in wherever and whenever needed.  In addition to being such a valuable asset to us, she also gives of her time to multiple organizations in the area, who I’m sure would sing her praises as well.  We are beyond grateful for Carol’s dedication and service to not only Habitat, but to our community as well.

Meet Peggy Ridgway, our volunteer spotlight for the month of July.  Peggy volunteers weekly at the ReStore and can always be counted on for a bright smile, helpful attitude and a spontaneous joke or two.  She has been volunteering here for about 2 years and has quickly become an integral member of our volunteer team. Peggy’s warm and generous spirit makes every customer feel at home when they enter and she is quick to start a conversation and lend a hand.  In addition to the ReStore, Peggy volunteers at a number of other organizations in town, providing assistance to many members of the community.  We are so grateful to have Peggy on our team and hope that we will continue to see her smile and hear her laugh for years to come.